• Presented to Marla Hicky and her daughters Dawn and Andrea by Russ Gies
  • 2016 Village of Thomson Most Improved Site
  • Property located on Hwy 84

Welcome to Thomson, Illinois, where the river meets the town. Situated along the banks of the great Mississippi, where you can pull up a chair, watch the sun go down and dip your toes into the mighty Mississippi river, all in one place.


Village of Thomson nomination petitions for the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election are available at Village Hall, 2100 Market Street.

Petitions may start to circulate on September 20, 2016 and the filing period is December 12-19, 2016 which must be filed with the Village Clerk or Carroll County Clerk.

Petitions are available for Village President and three Trustees.  All are 4 year terms.

Terms expiring are:  Village President Vicky Trager, Trustee Brian Balk, Trustee Charlotte Daehler, and Trustee Russ Gies.

Vicky Trager - Village President

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to high water, the Thomson Causeway Recreational Area is closed to all traffic.  Remaining campers are evacuating and Park Rangers are removing picnic tables and other loose items.  The Campground is expected to be closed for 10-14 days but will reopen as soon as possible when cleanup has been completed. Contact the Thomson Park Ranger Office at 815-259-3628 during business hours or the Fee Booth at 815-259-2353 from 5 pm – 8 pm for more information.

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