• Images courtesy of Dee Eissens

Welcome to Thomson, Illinois, where the river meets the town. Situated along the banks of the great Mississippi, where you can pull up a chair, watch the sun go down and dip your toes into the mighty Mississippi river, all in one place.

PHONE SCAM ALERT!  Recently there have been sevaral phone scams circulating in our area. Please take note and alert your loved ones; the elderly are particularly targeted.

IRS: The IRS scam claims you have an unpaid tax liability and threatens arrest if it is not paid immediately via pre-paid debit card.  The IRS will NEVER initiate a phone call to demand payment. Any adjustment on your return will be initiated by mail.  The same is true of refunds: scammers may call and claim you are due a refund, but this is a ploy to obtain bank account information. Hang up and report the call to the IRS.

GRANDCHILDREN: Scammers call, claiming to be a grandchild who desperately needs money to get out of jail.  The caller will request a wire transfer or prepaid debit card.

TRAFFIC FINES: Clinton police report that scammers are impersonating police officers to claim that a traffic cam recorded a vehicle speeding, failing to stop, etc. The scam police officer will threaten immediate arrest unless payment is received immediately.  The caller will request payment via pre-loaded debit card, such as the Walgreens Green Dot card.  Clinton PD will NEVER collect fines, by phone or any other means.

COMPUTER CLEAN-UP: Scammers claim that your computer is creating tracking cookies and downloading viruses every time you use your browser to connect to the internet.  The scammer will offer to “walk you through” the process to resolve the problem.  The scammer instructs you to get a paper and pencil, and will give you instructions.  This is a ploy to obtain access to your computer and personal information.

Be on the alert, and when in doubt, ask for the person’s name and call back information, and call the Thomson PD or Carroll County Sheriff’s office to report.

Vicky Trager - Village President